Gareth Bailey


This site is mostly a place to put some basic information such as my contact details and work/publication history. However, if I get time, I'll try and throw up some of my better photos and perhaps even some thoughts on my major interests, technology and sport (and moreover the combination of the two).

About Me

I'm currently a Ph.D. student in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.

I previously studied Computer Science at the same lab, graduating with a BA from Selwyn College. Upon graduating, I worked for three years as a Software Consultant at a Cambridge based embedded systems consultancy with strong links to the university. This entailed working on a many and varied projects, working with established companies on short projects and providing services to start-ups, often producing rapid proof of concept prototypes. I decided I would like to mix my two interests, sport and computer science and returned to the lab to embark on a Ph.D, I expect to submit my thesis in the coming 6 months.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the application of sensor systems to sport, in particular for athlete measurement and especially with a view to either long term monitoring, or injury prevention and rehabilitation. I'm also interested in how sensors can be used to encourage increased activity levels in a population with increasingly sedentary lifestyles, in particular I'm interested in how sensors can provide appropriate feedback to novice athletes on technique and safe volume/intensity progressions, again with an emphasis on injury prevention.

My Ph.D. research is focused on sensing with application to running biomechanics, especially biomechanical assessment in situ and away from the lab. I'm focused on using foot worn sensors, that have potential to be embedded within the shoe to provide an always worn sensor platform that can be used for every day training.

If these things also interest you and you'd like to get in touch to discuss anything, then please, feel very welcome to do so.


It's best to contact me via email at the following address.

Email: g [dot] bailey [dot] 04 [at] cantab [dot] net.